Who are you my lady . Dr. Aziz Mountassir

Who are you my lady . Dr. Aziz Mountassir

You're dreaming

As if you're a dream on bed

In your whispering

A kiss song

And inside you

A cristal, pain and joy

Your morning

A bird awaiting

And your choice is restricted in life's springs

The herbs of your banks are getting yellowish

In the spring of seasons

Your heart is a will's water

As a night without hope

Under silent stars

In front of autumn's winds

As a melody without guitar

My eyes had never seen

A soul carrying the serenity of night

In your silence a calm of scream

In your talk the death of sorrows

You joyfully plant the roses and you keep the thistles for yourself

You brighten your presence

With your vivid side

While the dead one is hidden

I thought your life is a spring

But you're a happiness confronting pains

You're a patience obscures the torrent of tears

Who are you my lady

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