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Beauty _ A gift

Beauty- A gift

Wednesday,21st October 2020


it is recognized universally

a precious gift from an almighty

to adore and protect the cause of humanity

had the beauty not been there?

we could have never come out from stone age here

it is providing the means to live

and love the man or woman

look at them with due respect

and symbolise the act

beauty is to see and not to violate

praise and if possible "relate"

love is not merely a divine flow

but it brings a divine glow

a mean to live honourably

and act humanly

love and beauty

both are blessed by an almighty

if you have someone on your side

hold it firmly and decide

love is not a lust

but another name of the trust

that we have towards our creator

firmly believed and held forever

Dr Jadia Hasmukh

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